D a t a   S h e e t
Name of Religious Site: Mandir Hindu Devotional Society
Tradition: The type of Hinduism practiced was described to me as Multidenominational Hinduism, Sanatan Dharma (everlasting religion). Punditji Ramanarine explained that to devote oneself to only one form of God would be foolish when God had descended in so many forms. One must honour all forms of God. As such, on the worship altar there are representations of many of the most popular deities in the Hindu pantheon, and prayers are said for each in the duration of the worship service. Festivals to honour each deity individually are also celebrated.
Center Address: 332 Lafleur Blvd, Ville LaSalle, QC
Mailing Address: 4955 Oka Street, Pierrefonds, Quebec, H9K 1H4
Phone Number: 1 (514) 363-2301
Fax Number: 1 (514) 620-1071
Website: http://www.hdsm.homestead.com
Email: hdsm@sympatico.ca
Contacts Names and Titles: Ramanarine Tiwari Balbahadur, Head Priest/Temple Founder.
Date Center was Founded: January 8, 1994.
Religious Leader and Title: Punditji Ramanarine Tiwari Balbahadur.
Researcher: Noah Casey
Date: July 25, 2003

This project is being conducted by the Asian Religion and Ethics Research Unit at McGill University