D a t a   S h e e t
Name of Religious Site: Muslim Community of Quebec
Tradition: Sunni Islam
Centre Address: 7445 Chester Avenue, NDG, Montreal, QC H4V 1M4
Phone Number: (514) 484-2967
Fax Number: (514) 484-3802
Website: www.total.net/~schools
Date Center Founded: 1979
Religious Leader and Title: Dr. Bilal Kuspinar, Imam
Membership/Community Size: More than 300 devoted and faithful attend Friday congregation prayer regularly.
Ethnic Composition: Canadians of Indo-Pakistan, Arab, Afro American and other European countries.
Affiliation with Other Communities/Organizations: Muslim Council of Montreal
Activities and Schedules: Five daily prayers. Friday prayer in congregation with a Khutba ( address) delivered by the Imam.
Demographics: Muslims from all ethnic backgrounds and Canadians worship here. You will hear, English, French, Arabic, Urdu and Turkish.
Researcher Notes: I was impressed by the quality of Khutba accompanying Friday congregation prayer (Salatul Jumu'a). It was delivered simultaneously in English and Arabic. This permitted the congregation to understand the message being delivered. The two rear rows of the congregation were comprised of women and girls.
Researcher: Mumtaz H. Rehman
Date Submitted: June 7, 2004

This project is being conducted by the Asian Religion and Ethics Research Unit at McGill University