D a t a   S h e e t
Name of Religious Site: Chùa Thuyèn Tôn
Centre Address: 6685 rue Alma, Montréal QC H2S 2W4
Phone Number: (514) 948-4540
Contact Name and Title: Nhu Duc, nun
Data Centre Founded: (at this location) 1990
Religious Leader and Title: Dai Duc Thich Vien Dieu
Membership/Community Size: General weekly attendance of 60-80 people
Ethnic Composition: Vietnamese
Affiliation with Other Communities/Organisations: Unified Buddhist Congregation of Vietnam in Canada, UBCV
Activities and Schedule: Sunday Service 11am, Friday meditation 7:30pm, holiday festivities
Researcher: Benjamin Bruce
Date Submitted: April 14th, 2004

This project is being conducted by the Asian Religion and Ethics Research Unit at McGill University