D a t a   S h e e t
Name of Religious Site: Canadian Islamic Center Al - Jamieh
Tradition: Sunni Islam
Centre Address: 241 Anselme Lavigne, Dollard des Ormeaux
Phone Number: (514) 624-5833
Website: www.cicaljamieh.com
Date Center Founded: I991
Religious Leader and Title: Appointed by the Board of Trustees, Imam
Membership/Community Size: 2000
Ethnic Composition: 90% Arabs and 10% Indo-Pakistan, Turks and Bosnians
Affiliation with Other Communities/Organizations: Muslim Council of Montreal
Activities and Schedules:

Five daily prayers, exact times changing with the season. Friday (noon prayer) in congregation, with an address and sermon (khutba) delivered by Imam.

Arabic language and Quranic school for children (to age 14)

Recitation of Holy Quran - Adults

Sharia classes - Adults

Computer school - Adults

Summer Camp for children and youth

Other activities - Fund raising, BBQ, Sports, Islamic movies etc

Women are managing most of the education programs for children and youth.

Group meetings (Halqa) daily after Maghrib prayer, (discussion on a variety of religious topics).

Demographics: Mostly Arabs, about 10% of Indo-Pakistan and Turkish. You will hear Arabic, English, French , Urdu and Turkish
Description of Centre: It is a large rectangular structure and the main floor is raised from the street level by about twelve steps. There are two entrances to the building, one reserved for ladies. There is a large entrance hall, a cloak room and separate washrooms, place for Wudhu (ablution) for men and women. From this entrance hall, there are doors to enter the main mosque area with very high ceiling. There is a mezzanine floor off the entrance hall towards the front and is used for meetings and youth activities. The finished basement is divided into classrooms, conference rooms, recreation room and an office. There is a fully equipped kitchen on the main floor. The entertainment, serving of refreshments and dinners is done in the basement recreation area.
Researcher: Mumtaz H. Rehman
Date Submitted: July 2000

This project is being conducted by the Asian Religion and Ethics Research Unit at McGill University